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4-дневный саммит компании MRC в Нидерландах, 7-10 ноября 2018



MRC is dedicated to ensuring our Myobrace® Members receive the support necessary to become an even more successful Myobrace® practitioner. The MRC Europe 4 Days Summit is a great opportunity for practitioners to network with other professionals, find out about the latest developments in appliances and myofunctional orthodontic techniques as well as learn about the most recent advances in patient education and compliance programs. The 4 days summit includes workshops regarding how to diagnose and treat airway dysfunction and TMJ disorder as well as advanced myofunctional orthodontic and expansion techniques course presented by MRC CEO and founder Dr. Chris Farrell and other leading practitioners.


Dr. Chris Farrell BDS Sydney - Through clinical experience, Dr. Farrell took an interest in TMJ / TMD Disorder and after further research discovered the etiology of malocclusion and TMJ Disorder was myofunctional, which contradicted the established views of his profession. Dr. Farrell founded MRC in 1989 to develop myofunctional appliances to be effective in early orthodontic treatment.  The Trainer and Myobrace® appliance systems are now used by dentists and orthodontists in more than 100 countries.


Dr. German Ramirez-Yañez - For more than 20 years Dr. Ramirez-Yañez has worked to treat malocclusion in the early stages using functional appliances.  He is well published, regarding functional appliances and the biological rationale for functional treatment, in peer reviewed journals and has written a book focused on looking in depth at craniofacial growth and development, the patho-physiology of functional disorders in the craniocervico-mandibular system and how the craniofacial structures are modified by functional appliances.


Dr. Rohan Wijey B Oral H (Dent Sci), Grad. Dip. Dent O.M. - After completing dentistry at Griffith University in Queensland Australia Dr. Wijey undertook further myofunctional study in the USA and achieved his Orofacial Myologist qualification. Since joining MRC in 2007 Dr. Wijey has assumed responsibility for the organisation’s training program and presented courses and seminars around the world. Additionally, Dr Wijey has had articles regarding the aetiology of malocclusion, Class III treatment, early intervention and myofunctional orthodontics published in numerous dental, paediatric and orthodontic journals.


Dr. Barry Raphael - Dr Raphael has close to three decades experience working as an orthodontic practitioner.  In recent years, he has recognised the benefits myofunctional therapy provides to both his patients and his practice and has firsthand experience moving from a tooth-centric philosophy of orthodontic mechanotherapy to a muscle-centric philosophy of orofacial development.



Patrick McKeown - For the past fifteen years, Patrick McKeown has delivered training in Breathing Re-Education to healthcare professionals and the general public with sleep disordered breathing and breathing pattern disorders. As part of his work, he has collaborated in four clinical trials investigating Breathing Re-education for asthma and rhinitis. A speaker on TED talks, Patrick is the author of eight books including two best sellers for asthma. His latest book is titled “The Oxygen Advantage” and explores improving sports performance in athletes.



Peter Helderop is a speech therapist at the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden, The Netherlands. He opened his first practice in Vlaardingen in 1989. Peter gained several postgraduate qualifications in orofacial myofunctional, voice, stuttering, speech and language therapy both in The Netherlands and other countries. He has served on many working groups and committees for the Dutch Association for speech therapists and Phoniatrics (NVLF) and has also been a member of the Myofunctional Therapy Working Group in Germany. He contributed to the development of the Dutch Dental Association (NMT) paediatric dentistry guidelines and is also a (guest) lecturer on the Paediatric Dentistry course taught at the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA) and the Continuing Education Program in Comprehensive Dentistry (CEPCD) in Oisterwijk. Peter has been teaching continuing education courses on speech therapy and dentistry orofacial myofunctional therapy for more than 25 years.  


Dr. Luca Levrini  is associate professor and director of research center “Oro Cranio Facciale” at the university of Insubria. He provides clinical assistance as a university doctor in the Macchi hospital in Varese and as a consultant in the Sant’Anna hospital in Como. He is a councilor of the order of doctors and dentists of the province of Como and is registered at the order of journalists of the Lombardy province. He is coordinator of the study group 'Nutrition and oral health' of the Italian dieticians association. Deputy director of Ortho Tribune. Author of more than 180 scientific publications in the orthodontic field, in particular, oral prevention. Effective partner of Amici di Brugg (Friends of Brugg), Ordinary of the Italian society for orthodontics. Certified speaker for Align technology. President of ToothGood.



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